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And here it is! A Spring Break Mix. This isn’t exactly the “party” kind or any other misconception that Spring Break is the time to get drunk. It’s kind of just a fun, chill mix including the tracks that make you wanna ride through Venice Beach with the top down and the music up or just lying on the sand, relaxing. This is sort of a preview of how my summer playlist is gonna be like so let me know if you dig it! Enjoy. - Sam

  1. Pompeii / Bastille
  2. Abby / Tanlines
  3. Huddle / Kisses
  4. Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark) / Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  5. Bloodshake / Peace
  6. Baldessari / Fair Oh’s 
  7. Eyes Be Closed / Washed Out
  8. Showers Of Pain / Punks On Mars
  9. Everyone Knows / Vacationer
  10. Ready To Go / Guards
  11. Boomerang / Miniature Tigers
  12. Barely Legal (The Strokes Cover) / Real Estate
  13. Neighbour Riffs / Surfer Blood 
  14. My Better Self / Tennis
  15. Hippies Is Punks / Wavves
  16. The King And All Of His Men / Wolf Gang
  17. One Week Of Danger / The Virgins

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