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Coastal Vibes Playlist No. 3 // by Sam Santos // cover art credits to UO

Awesummer is our first playlist of summer! This playlist isn’t exactly the beachpunk/chillwave kind of summer mix, but more of a bum around and lie down but dance once in a while kind of mix. I tried staying away from making the mix too typically beachy so I blended a couple of genres together. For me, summer is about being free and being able to do whatever you want even if it means lying down and doing nothing. With that, I tried to divide the mix with tunes for being lazy, shakin’ your shoulders, and fulfilling those summer adventures of yours. Also, a good amount of these artists are new with only a few songs/EPs or have only released one album or just recently released an album. So it’s more convenient for you to check the newer artists, I linked their names to their soundcloud. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

01. I Know It’s You by Guards / 02. Dying To Start Again by Lovelife / 03. Royals by Lorde / 04. Oceans by Coasts / 05. Harlem by New Politics / 06. Huddle by Kisses / 07. Love You More by CITIZENS! / 08. LAX by JJAMZ / 09. A Summer Thing by Cayucas / 10. Take My Hand By Charli XCX / 11. Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns / 12. Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware / 13. Lose My Mind by Pacific Air/ 14. Pilgrim by / 15. Time to Run by Lord Huron / 16. Wraith by Peace / 17. All The Days by HAERTS / 18. At Least I Have Nothing by Saint Motel / 19. Weird Shapes by Surfer Blood / 20. The Chief by Wildcat! Wildcat! / 21. From Nothing by Dan Croll

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